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Honouring Life

Your loved one will be honoured in a way that is most befitting to the life they lived. Personalizing their service helps tell their story and becomes a way to make a funeral service more meaningful when honouring life. We strive to help you communicate with your family and friends the joy and meaning of your loved one’s life.

At French Family Funeral Home & Cremation Centre we offer funeral personalization ideas and services that are new and unique to each family we serve. If desired, we can step out of the box and create a lasting and memorable personalized service all your guests will appreciate. These include memory tables with displays of treasured possessions such as trophies, medals, certificates, tools from a favourite hobby, or other personal items that bring back memories. We also offer these unique personalization options described below.

Tribute Blankets

We offer Tribute Blankets to all our families that provide us with a high-quality photo. The blanket is a guaranteed hit with family members. It will become a precious heirloom displayed in a family’s home. Our blankets are fully customized, machine washable, with a woven photograph to commemorate your loved one. They generally measure 72″ x 54″, are non-fading, and designed to be used and cherished for generations to come.

Digital Video Tributes

We can have a professionally edited tribute created with your photos and videos with beautiful music. These DVD Tributes become a family treasure.

Personalized Printing and Stationery Send your guests home with a treasured keepsake that commemorates your loved one’s life. We can print customized memorial bookmarks or cards or created memorial photo boards. Add a personal touch with favourite photos, poems, scripture, or a specially-written tribute to your loved one.

Balloon Release at the Gravesite

At funerals and memorials, a balloon release memorial can be the final part of the service. The release is often accompanied by a heartfelt poem that is read by a close family member or clergy official. A balloon can symbolize your love, peace and hope to go to heaven above. A balloon release offers a soothing touch in a time of sadness and sorrow.

Bagpipe Player

The sound of the bagpipe is probably most associated with funeral services and the song “Amazing Grace.” The bagpipe adds a solemn and dignified touch to the funeral ceremony and can help communicate a sense of closure. A nice touch at the beginning of the graveside funeral service is to have the bagpiper start at a distance away and slowly march toward the gathering. At the conclusion of the ceremony, it is quite popular to have the bagpiper playing while slowly marching off into the distance.

Motorcycle Hearse or Alternate Hearse

Motorcycle Hearse aims to give bikers and non-bikers alike a non-traditional but memorable final ride… “A Ride to Remember”. Alternate Hearses can range from Pick Ups, Flat Beds, Fire Trucks, etc. You are limited to your imagination.